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Amirdrassil Normal Boost

Buy the Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope Normal raid boost from R1Boost and effortlessly conquer all the final Dragonflight raid bosses in Normal mode. Defeat Fyrakk the Blazing and their minions during the World Tree battle to secure premium raid gear and a chance to obtain Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope raid preorder advantage, enabling early access to the action-packed raid in November.

What you will get:

Loot Options:

  • Group Loot: Roll items collectively with other customers from the raid group without guarantees.
  • Premium Group Loot: Join a raid group with a minimum of 15 unsaved players and a clear CD, enhancing the chances to loot suitable items by 2-3 times. Order a guaranteed item if preferred or receive a free raid run if the desired item isn’t acquired.
  • Armor and Token Priority: all armor and tier tokens for your class will be guaranteed to be given to you, other items such as rings/necks/cloaks/weapons/trinkets will be rolling between 2-4 clients.
  • Full Priority: all items from bosses will be given to you, you can also take 1 friend with you to the raid.


  • Level 70 character
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