Our booster will upgrade your character’s gear up to 420-465 ilvl This will done by completing Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons /Raids and World Quests until you get the desired item level. The group will mostly consist of members of your armor type to trade you the items. You will also get dungeon a lot of Azerite and achievements.


  • up to 2 days for ilvl 430 boost
  • up to 3-4 days for ilvl 440 boost
  • up to 7-9 days for ilvl 450 boost
  • up to 14 days for ilvl 460 boost


  • Level 120
  • Account sharing (VPN)


  • 420/425/430/435/440/445/450/460/465 average item level gear
  • Chosen item level on your character
  • Leveled Heart of Azeroth

*Please note
We can only guarantee average item level of your gear. Some items might be 450, others 470, as the result you will get 460 average item level.

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