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We will complete N’zoth and Non-N’zoth assaults, daily Mini-Visions quests, and assault dailies and get you Coalescing Visions. Using Coalescing Visions you can buy Vessel of Horrific Visions that gives you access to your Horrific Visions weekly runs.
Please note: Weekly cap if 30000 Coalescing Visions

You will get

  • Required amount of Coalescing Visions on your character
  • Access to buy Vessel of Horrific Visions (3 per week max)
  • Completion of N’zoth assaults and Mini-Visions quests
  • New dailies completed

Important information: You instantly get 1 Vessel of Horrific Visions after we complete N’zoth assault which is the equivalent of 10’000 Coalescing Visions farmed.


  • ilvl 415+ gear
  • N’zoth Assaults unlocked on your character
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