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Dragonflight Algeth’ar Academy Boost

Buy the Algeth’ar Academy and complete Mythic Dungeon quests for a chance to earn 372-405 ilvl gear to prepare your character for Raids or High Keys. When you visit Algethar ​​Academy, you must be ready for battle. In myth mode, each of the 4 dungeon bosses is extremely difficult to defeat. Slaying these magical dragons can only be done if you and your teammates execute the required tactics and strategies to near perfection. That’s why you need to find a solid team and willingness to put in hours of free time to run it successfully. Or you can simply pick up our Algeth’ar Academy Boost and complete this epic dungeon as quickly as possible.

Buy Mythic key boost (watch our video)

What you will get

  • Completed the Algethar ​​Academy Dungeon
  • Chance of getting level 372-405 gear based on chosen difficulty
  • Unlock dungeon achievements during ascension
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