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Dragonflight Neltharus Boost

Buy Neltharus and completing the Mythic Dungeon Run will give you a chance to earn level 372 gear and prepare your character for raids. By completing the Neltharus dungeon, you also complete the storyline for the Waking Shores zone. However, that’s not the only reason to visit this instance. By successfully completing Neltharus Mythic Runs, you can equip your character with 372+ ilvl gear and become as powerful as possible, fully prepared for raids. Therefore, our Neltharus Boost is the best choice. Our professional team will help you to complete the required number of playthroughs as quickly as possible, so you can avoid all the difficulties associated with LFG process and dungeon playthrough

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What you will get

  • Neltharus dungeon completed
  • 372+ of ilvl items
  • Dungeon achievements are unlocked during ascension


  • 70 lvl character on Dragonflight account
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