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  • The return of the Mage Tower challenge is the most hyped event in World of Warcraft for the past months. The new transmogrification sets and the all-time favorite class challenges will once again open their doors for contestants. The Fel Werebear Druid Form boost can save you hours of failed attempts and allow to simply buy this awesome guardian druid fel bear form.

Fel Werebear Druid Form carry rewards:

  • The Highlord’s Return druid tank challenge completed.
  • Fel variant of “werebear” form.
  • Druid Recolored Tier 20/Tier 6 transmog set.
  • Boost takes: ~30-50 minutes.

Druid’s Fel Werebear appearance can be obtained only during the Legion Timewalk Event. Hurry up to upgrade your guardian druid with a new silhouette and animations.


  • 50 level druid
  • ~10k gold to buy consumables/enchants & sockets
  • set of gear 50+ ilvl or higher for tank spec

The new Legion Timewalk event in World of Warcraft will bring a lot of excitement to players of both factions. The mage tower with new rewards is the gem of this update and Druids are getting the most unique and precious prize of them all. A new Guardian druid form will be given for those mighty bears that can complete the Mage Tower challenge.

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