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Our boost group will complete a Mythic + 10 dungeon for your “weekly best” record

If you want “Special Dungeon” ask the support

You will get

  • Chance to get 0-3 455 ilvl items at the end of the dungeon
  • Guaranteed 465 ilvl item from Class Hall weekly loot chest
  • Weekly chest now contains Titan Residuum for buying Azerite Armor
  • Azerite Power at the end of the dungeon and from weekly loot chest


  • Boost will be completed in 1-3 hours from the moment of payment, not counting server downtimes

What is Mythic +10 Carry?

Mythic +10 Carry is a service provided by R1Boost company. This is, an ingame, World of Warcraft
service, boosting your chosen character through the given instance with difficulty Mythic +10
Keystone. The service is provided on a truly international level, which means that it doesn’t matter if
you are from Europe or US & Oceania servers, we are able and capable to provide it for to you.
So why waste your time pugging +10 mythic content for the weekly chest, and failing the most of the
time, painfully slow progressing through difficult instances with players without necessary skill? Leave
this weekly struggle on us and just enjoy your Weekly Challenger’s Chest. From the weekly chest, you‘ll
obtain 1700 azerite power and a single item with 465 item level.

This carry through BFA mythic instances for 5 men can be done on the both the Alliance and the Horde
side, and there are several options concerning the carry. When placing an order you are asked to
choose additional characteristics of the carry, such as your location. Is it Europe or US realm?
Another important parameter of this BFA mythic + 10 Carry is if you are willing to proceed with the
self-played scenario or its piloted version. Piloted version means that our professional player will log
in to your account and do the mythic dungeon on your stead.

Is it safe?

Due to the newest software developments, we are able to log into your account from the same location
as you are. The procedure is quite simple and it is allowed by the software called VPN, which virtually
localizes us right to „your hometown“. Then to Log in we need only your authentication code, and you
don’t have to worry about account suspension till identity confirmation.

Furthermore, to ensure the safety of your information, including personal information and account
information, we use the SSL safety certificate. This technology works on a principle of all the
information being coded into hash-chain and thus unreadable for anyone without the appropriate key.
And we are the only ones with the key on our side. Anything you would share with us is being encrypted
in the instant you write it down.

Another parameter to choose while buying BFA mythic carry is whether you have a specific dungeon
in mind. Is there one you would like to see fall first? Perhaps King’s rest for its mysterious atmosphere,
or Tol Dagor for its hideous operators you’d like to beat? No problem with R1Boost.
Perhaps you wish to proceed with the dungeon you like the mount from the most? As you surely know,
there is, within mythic dungeons, a chance on obtaining certain mounts. Among those are Mummified
Raptor Skull, which drops from either Kind Dazar or Challenger’s cache in King’s rest dungeon.
There is also Sharkbait’s Favorite Crackers mount, green parrot-like mount, looking alike flying mount
of public transport of the Freehold flying point. This parrot can be found at the corpse of defeated boss
Harlan Sweete on Freehold Mythic, or simply from the Challenger’s Cache at the end of the dungeon.
The dungeon The MOTHERLODE, where Horde’s main Azerite weapon supplier is seated, and Alliance‘s
target No 1, is a place of another extravagant mount drop. This mount drops in a form of a recipe, and
thus requires you to put some extra efforts creating it. Looking at the improved Mimiron’s head one
thinks that the Mecha-Mogul Mk2 is surely worth it. This mount drops from the final boss or again
from the Challenger’s Cache.

The creature living on blood and its remains, coming from the empire of the blood trolls, the „Crawg“
is another astounding mount you may obtain purchasing BFA mythic carry. It drops from the Unbound
Abomination boss on mythic difficulty (or again in the Challenger’s Cache of the same place) from a
place hidden below the marsh of Nazmir. From the instance of Underrot.
The great news for all mount collectors is that by completing achievement the Glory of the Wartorn
Hero one may get the Reins of the Obsidian Krolusk. Mount with looks of the dark, armored krolusk

But that is not all you can get running Carry Mythic+ BFA dungeons. If you are in need of an additional
loot, there is a service right for you. It is called „Additional loot traders“ and it consists of additional pieces of loot
being given to you by other players within the instance. How does it work?
According to your class armor type we pick other group members based around your gear needs and
if the loot drops, it is yours. We can guarantee up to 2 additional loot traders.

How fast will your order be completed?

The most common time is between 1 and 3 hours to complete your order after your payment was
successfully confirmed. But of course, we will try to proceed as fast as possible. Of course, in case of
unexpected events, such as server downfalls, server lags and the other issues we have no power over,
we reserve a time to prolong this time period to the necessary length.

As everything has two sides, even R1Boost services have its good and less good side. So what are downs
of the World of Warcraft mythic+ dungeons carry groups of R1Boost? One of the downs is accepted
the currency. R1Boost doesn’t accept gold or other ingame currencies, neither it doesn’t plan to allow
to redeem mythic+ carry costs by gold.

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