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Mythic +11 Free Traders Runs

Buy Mythic +11 Keys and increase your chances of obtaining 392 ilvl gear from dungeons by purchasing our special bundle of Mythic +11 Free Trader Mythic Runs. The more runs you order, the more loot traders you will receive, increasing your chances of equipping your character with top-quality PvE gear.

Dragonflight dungeons have been especially difficult lately, making it crucial to be well-equipped for Mythic+ mode. Mythic +11 dungeons offer the opportunity to obtain 392 ilvl items and even 402 ilvl rewards from the Great Vault.

Dungeon runs options

  • Order 4 timed runs and receive 1 free loot trader and your choice of two 402 ilvl items from the Great Vault
  • Order 8 timed runs and receive 2 free loot traders, maximizing your chances of obtaining gear from each run, as well as your choice of three 402 ilvl rewards from the Great Vault

You can divide your order into multiple sessions for convenience, or complete the runs on various characters with different armor types.

You will get

  • 4 Mythic +10 timed runs with 1 free loot trader
  • 8 Mythic + 10 timed runs with 2 free loot traders
  • The best possible chances of obtaining 392 ilvl items from each dungeon
  • Your choice of 402 ilvl rewards from the Great Vault (Weekly Reward)

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