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Our boost group will complete mythic+ dungeon for your “weekly best” record

If you want “Special Dungeon” ask the support

The Weekly Chest has upgraded in Battle for Azeroth and has a chance to give you additional items. Your Weekly Reward Chest will contain:

  • A [Mythic Keystone], at an appropriate Keystone level
  • Some “Azerite power” to boost your Heart of Azeroth
  • 1 to 3 Pieces of Gear (See below for Item Level calculations)


Keystone Level End of Dungeon Weekly Chest
+10 455 ilvl item 465 ilvl item
+11 455 ilvl item 465 ilvl item
+12 460 ilvl item 470 ilvl item
+13 460 ilvl item 470 ilvl item
+14 460 ilvl item 470 ilvl item
+15 465 ilvl item 475 ilvl item


  • 120 lvl
  • 435+ ilvl for Mythic 15+ key (if you order in time run)

What is Mythic+ Dungeon Carry?

Another of our services is Mythic+ Dungeon Carry. What this service does is that we create a group of professional elite players and we will carry your chosen character through dangerous environments of dungeons on mythic difficulty. Groups will be created accordingly to your class and spec, your abilities and current gear, and also on the dungeon that is being run.

Service customization

This service has multiple layers based around your needs. Do you need mythic 15 carry? No problem. Does suit you better BFA mythic +10? Sure. We will adapt to your needs and provide a run for you ranging from +10 to +15 keystone levels. Furthermore, we are available on your realm. No need for transfers to other realms, or different battle groups. There is not even a need to be specifically on EU or US servers as we provide for both. Same accounts for providing for both factions, the Horde and the Alliance.

But that is not all. Do you need additional loot? We have a trick for that too! One of our extra services (called “VIP loot”) includes additional loot trading.

How does VIP loot work?

According to your class armor type, we pick another group members based around your gear needs and if the loot drops, it is yours. We can guarantee up to 2 additional loot traders.

And there is more within our abilities. Additionally, we provide a service within a service for a timely managed mythic+ dungeon. Just in case you would need your Mythic+ Keystone for your own use.

Did you know that within mythic, even mythic+ dungeon you have a chance on obtaining certain mounts? Among those is Mummified Raptor Skull, dropping from either Kind Dazar or Challenger’s cache in King’s rest dungeon.

There is also Sharkbait’s Favorite Crackers mount, green parrot-like mount, one visually the same as the flying mount of the public transport of the Freehold flying point, can be found at the dead body of Harlan Sweete on Freehold Mythic or simply from the Challenger’s Cache at the end of the dungeon.

The dungeon The MOTHERLODE, where Horde’s main Azerite weapon supplier is seated (before he is unseated by the heroes of the Horde) is a place of another extraordinary mount drop. This one has a form of a recipe, and thus requires you to put some extra efforts creating it, but the Mecha-Mogul Mk2 is surely worth it. This mount drops from the final boss or again from the Challenger’s Cache.

The hideous creatures of Crawg would surely make for a great mount, too. That is why there is one. And it drops from the boss mob Unbound Abomination on mythic difficulty (or again in the Challenger’s Cache of the same place), from a place hidden below the marsh of Nazmir. The seat of blood trolls, numerous Loa, servants of old gods, and the instance of Underrot, are all placed in the Nazmir. And it is the Underrot to obtain the Underrot Crawg Harness mount.

For mount collectors, there are more good news. There are more mounts. By completing achievement the Glory of the Wartorn Hero you will obtain the Reins of the Obsidian Krolusk. Mount looking like dark, armored krolusk creature.

As everything has two sides, even R1Boost services have its good and bad side. So what are downs of the World of Warcraft mythic+ dungeons carry groups of R1Boost? One of the downs is accepted the currency. R1Boost doesn’t accept the Carry for gold, neither it doesn’t plan to allow to redeem mythic+ carry costs by gold.

So how to buy World of Warcraft Mythic+15 carry?

It is as simple as to browse through the site, find the appropriate item, set its specifications, add to the cart and by few more clicks pay for the order. Of course, don’t forget to enter valid contact information for we simply cannot contact you without their validity. After placing your order you will be shortly contacted by our site administrators to arrange details. The boost itself shall happen within 5 days after the successful payment has proceeded.

Popular questions:

The searching R1Boost site you decide you would appreciate being carried with your druid boomkin level 120 on the realm Sylvanas-EU through one mythic +15. You enter an appropriate section of the site (Mythic + Dungeons Carry). There are several options you may fill in, the first one being region. You know you play from Europe, thus choosing region Europe.

Do you really care about the timing of the dungeon? Perhaps not really as it would give you another key that you wouldn’t use anyway, so you pick in the parameter “Timer” an option “Not in time”. In the “Keystone level” you eagerly scroll down and press the click box next to the +15, as that is your desired content.

“Do I need loot?” one may ask himself. By the rule of the thumb, I decide, when I already go there, I’d like to enjoy a higher chance of getting a proper piece of epic gear, thus marking an option “2 additional loot traders (VIP)” at the last parameter of the “Additional Loot traders”.

And the rest is the same as in any other e-commerce store. In the upper right corner of the screen navigate yourself to the section of your cart, fill in contact information and proceed to the payment. You will be contacted shortly after to finish the order and its details.

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