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Our boost group will complete a Operation: Mechagon 8/8

You will get:

Rewards and Speculations  Operation: Mechagon 8/8 Hardmode

  • You will get mount Aerial Unit R-21/X
  • Currently, there seems to be more to the puzzle, as beyond defeating this Hard-Mode boss, nothing special was rewarded and nothing seemed different clearing the rest of the dungeon. However, this seems to be a possible step towards the obscure achievements  Keep DPS-ing and Nobody Explodes and  Hertz Locker. Both of these achievements suggest there is more to the dungeon than just defeating all of its bosses
  • If the first 4 bosses of Operation: Mechagon have a hard-mode, is it likely there are hidden hard-modes for the later 4 bosses? Perhaps there is a speed run, similar to summoning Nightbane in Return to Karazhan, suggesting that we are on the clock once you enter the dungeon to disable the doomsday device King Mechagon has prepared


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