Our trusted booster will enter on your account and level up your character.

You will get:

  • Your character will be 120 level
  • Piloted boost (VPN of your city and country available)
  • All the items and gold will be yours
  • Some Azerite Power

What is the power leveling?

What is it when you say „I’m going to power level“? In general, to powerlevel in World of Warcraft means to spend a time period with intentions to level up the character as fast as possible. This could be obtained through different means, which greatly differ based on the current level, current expansion or also a class you play. And it is not all. Are you in-game wealthy? With possible ingame mechanics, which are very costly, you can obtain elixirs, gems, or even items that grant extra % of gained XP.

In the game of World of Warcraft there used to be also a guild perk that gained extra XP while leveling. This perk is for PL no more available.

So how to actually power level your character without a need to spend countless hours in the game running through the Azeroth, searching for adventures to fulfill, after spending countless hundreds of thousands of golds to buy leveling equipment?  Leave it on us and we shall handle your character from A to Z. R1Boost power leveling service is created by a group of elite players ready to take the reins.

How does Power-leveling work?

The answer to this question may not be as straightforward as one may think. This service can be done via 2 means. Piloted or self-played. The self-played version is slower and possibly more painful if you are a new player and not yet knowing the game mechanics. And even more, if you struggle to coordinate your time. The self-played power leveling services are often done in a group of people „boosting“ your character through various places.

Are you level 90? The group of well-geared professionals would take you to areas of world quests within Draenor, where you could gain even several levels an hour with ease.

Are you level 100? The same group would take you to the other current contents to gain your experience as fast as possible. Those could be a battleground, dungeons, or even island expeditions, world invasions, and more, depending on numerous aspects.

Power leveling by R1Boost company is provided from several starting points. From the basic 110-120 (current BFA power leveling) to 20-120 (Vanilla – BFA powerleveling). To level up your character quickly it requires a variety of skills and the game management, thus we offer 3 different speeds for your character boost. The quickest one being 12-15 hours, and the „slowest“ one 36 hours.

And that is not all. R1Boost.com also gives you an awesome opportunity to get geared up. From an item level 330 to an item level 370 and more you can obtain using our services. And if you think that is already astounding, read a little bit further. Ordering this power leveling service enables you to obtain discounts for other services, such as Mythic +10 Runs.

Are there any restrictions using leveling up services?

Sadly yes. But not that many. For us, it doesn’t matter if you play scouring undead Forsaken for the glory of the Horde, or noble human for the Alliance, we can boost your character to the level you need to start the actual gameplay.

Furthermore, as we are truly an international team, we don’t mind you being from the US or Europe.

One of the restrictions at the hand is that leveling of professions is out of our reach. To power level jewelcrafting, herbalism or mining we cannot promise. Another of the downs of the power-leveling is that we don’t level battle pets. Battle pets in BFA are a very popular feature, that was firstly introduced in WoW Mists of Pandaria expansion. Battle pets BFA powerlevel is there left for you to do.

Is power leveling safe?

Yes, thanks to the newest technology we are able to log into your account, in the case of the piloted boost, from the same location as you use. This is allowed by software called VPN, which virtually localizes us to „your hometown“. Then to Log in we would need only your authentication code, and you don’t have to worry about the account being blocked for identity confirmation.

To ensure the safety of your information, including personal information, we use SSL safety certificate on our websites to ensure the highest safety standard.

Power leveling for gold

Sadly, we do not provide our services for ingame currency and we don’t plan on doing so. Power-leveling services are for sale for real-life currency as you can read in our R1Boost.com price list.

The WoW is losing subscription, isn’t power leveling dead?

No, not really. Those services are as alive as ever. Due to the ever-maturing population of WoW, there are players with the incremental need of time off the game, needing to level up without obstacles. For players with families, it is 100% worthy to level up effortlessly, and rather spend quality time with family instead of „farming mobs“ with the ever-increasing difficulty of the following level.

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