Here you can buy any amount of Prismatic Manapearl. It is new Nazjatar currency used by The Unshackled and Waveblade Ankoan factions. You use it to obtain Benthic Armor and upgrade it till 425 item level. It is new gearing catch-up system added in BfA Rise of Azshara. You get Prismatic Manapearl for doing World Quests in Nazjatar, killing rares, looting treasure chests or participating in special events.


  • the desired amount of Prismatic Manapearl
  • some reputation with The Unshackled (Horde) or Waveblade Ankoan (Alliance)
  • tons of Azerite
  • useful stuff (gold, pets, and other items) that may drop while farming gear


  • 120 level character
  • Account sharing (we log into your character for the boost)
  • Nazjatar Storyline completed
  • World quests in Nazjatar unlocked


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