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Vault of the Incarnates Mythic Raid Boost

Buy Vault of the Incarnates Mythic raid Boost to get best possible gear for your character at the WoW Dragonflight. Or professional R1Boost players will help you get coveted items including the Primalist tier set Fast And Cheap.

Vault of the Incarnates is the first Dragonflight raid encounter, where players can test their strength, defeat 8 bosses including powerful proto-dragon Raszageth carry, and get a chance to loot 415-424 ilvl gear depending on VotI Mythic bosses. It is well-known that Mythic raid tactics don’t look like an easy walk, but with our Vault of the Incarnates Mythic boost and carry , you don’t even need to prepare yourself.

All you need to do is just to follow professional players and take your loot. And don’t forget, that in addition to basic mythic items you can get tier set pieces that unlock bonuses for your class.

Vault of the Incarnates Mythic raid carry rewards

  • Vault of the Incarnates full raid on Mythic difficulty
  • Chance to loot 415-424 ilvl gear from VotI Mythic run
  • Achievements for defeating bosses in Mythic Vault of the Incarnates

Loot options

  • The Basic option offers a simple raid completion with the chance to receive 0-2 pieces of gear on average. However, there are no guarantees on the loot due to the revamped looting system.
  • The Advanced option includes additional features such as armor type reservation and more boosters, increasing the chances of receiving loot. On average, this option results in 3-5 pieces of gear. However, like the Basic option, there are no guarantees on the loot due to the revamped looting system.
  • The Premium option offers the most benefits, with a high chance of receiving loot. This option includes a raid clear with 12-15 boosters and no loot cooldown, only you will be among the professional boosters and all the loot for your class will be given to you

VotI Mythic Raid Includes

Buying Vault of the Incarnates you get completion of all 8 bosses from the raid:

  • Eranog
  • Terros
  • The Primal Council
  • Sennarth, the Cold Breath
  • Dathea, Ascended
  • Kurog Grimtotem
  • Broodkeeper Diurna
  • Raszageth the Storm-Eater

During Mythic loot run, you can get 415-424 ilvl gear depending on bosses. Also, you’ll get an opportunity to loot Primalist class tier set pieces and get useful bonuses for your class and specialization. And with our Mythic Vault boosts, you even don’t need to search for a suitable team.

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