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Mage Tower Boost for Fel Werebear Form

Unlock the Fel Werebear Form with Mage Tower Boost

Buy the Fel Werebear Druid Form with R1Boost MT Challenge Carry. Yes Mage tower still available for Dragonflight. The return of the Mage Tower challenge in World of Warcraft has been highly anticipated by players. With new transmogrification sets and class challenges available, players can once again compete for unique artifact appearance. R1Boost Dru tank mage tower boost can save you hours of failed attempts by allowing you to simply buy this awesome guardian druid form. Fast and Reliable Mage Tower Boost for Fel Werebear Form

Mage Tower Guardian druid rewards

  • Completion of the Highlord’s Return druid tank challenge
  • The Fel skin of the Werebear form
  • A druid recolored Tier 20/Tier 6 transmog set
  • Boost takes approximately 15 minutes
  • Completing all 7 Mage Tower Challenges also rewards: achievement – A Towering Success; unique flying mount – Mage-Bound Spelltome

Conquer the Mage Tower Challenge for Fel Werebear Form

Boost method option

  • Self-play (Remote) – the safest way to complete Mage Tower challenges without account sharing. Our boosters will use user-friendly remote control software, playing for your character directly on your PC and protecting you from any Blizzard-related consequences for your account. Our support will complete a quick connection to the booster, making the carry service as simple as possible. Remote Control is a guarantee of 100% results, and a unique mount kept on your account forever!
  • Piloted – it means account sharing, so ordering Mage-Bound Spelltome service in this mode, you’ve got to understand and accept the risks of this option


  • Level 60+ druid
  • Approximately 2k gold to buy consumables/enchant

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to acquire the Fel Werebear Druid Form Character customization during the Legion Timewalk event. R1Boost team is here to help, saving you time and allowing you to obtain this form with just a tank off-spec and Unlocking artifact forms

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