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🔥Mythic+ Three Plus One Bundle

Are you looking for how to get gear quickly in Season 4? With our Mythic+ Bundle, you can elevate your runs with bonus dungeon and free loot traders, tailored to your preferences. The process is simple: select your desired key level, add any additional options like timed runs or specific dungeons, then sit back and relax while our skilled players take care of the rest.

For your convenience, you have the flexibility to split your order into multiple sessions, ensuring you reap the rewards from the Great Vault over several weeks. Also, you can complete runs on several characters with various types of armor.


  • Three Mythic+ runs, with the option to add one bonus run, or choose six runs with two bonus runs
  • Chance to get 499/502/506 ilvl end-of-dungeon loot
  • Access to Great Vault rewards at 512/515/518/522 ilvl in Season 4
  • Wyrm’s Dreaming Crests for gear upgrade from M+4 dungeons;
  • Aspect’s Dreaming Crests for gear upgrade from M+6, M+8 and M+ 10 dungeons in Season 4
  • An amount of Flightstones currency;
  • Mythic+ score.
Keystone Level End of Dungeon Initial Upgrade Level Great Vault Initial Upgrade Level
2 496 Champion 2/8 509 Hero 2/6
3 499 Champion 3/8 509 Hero 2/6
4 499 Champion 3/8 512 Hero 3/6
5 502 Champion 4/8 512 Hero 3/6
6 502 Champion 4/8 515 Hero 4/6
7 506 Hero 1/6 515 Hero 4/6
8 506 Hero 1/6 519 Myth 1/4
9 509 Hero 2/6 519 Myth 1/4
10 509 Hero 2/6 522 Myth 2/4


  • Level 70 Character.

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