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Tower Overwhelming Boost

Buy Tower Overwhelming to conquer all Mage Tower challenges across various classes and specializations. Completing even a single challenge with your preferred character can be a formidable feat. However, with our Tower Overwhelming boost, you can successfully conquer every challenge with characters from any spec in the game, earning the coveted Feats of Strength achievement.

If you have already completed some challenges, contact us to make a special request

What you wil get


  • 70 level characters
  • 2k gold for consumables (flask, potions, food, drums, etc.) for each challenge

Timewalking Mage Tower Rewards

  1. A Towering Success:
    • Achievement granted for completing at least one challenge.
    • Tier 20 Set Mage Tower recolor awarded for the class with which the challenge was completed.
  2. Guardian Druid Werebear Form:
    • Guardian Druids completing their specific challenge will unlock a unique Werebear appearance for their Bear Form.
    • This Werebear distinctively differs from those originally available in Legion.
  3. A Tour of Towers:
    • Achievement earned by conquering all seven unique Mage Tower challenges.
    • Rewards the Mage-Bound Spelltome mount.
  4. Tower Overwhelming Feat of Strength:
    • Achievement attained by successfully completing all Mage Tower challenges across all classes and specializations.
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