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Mythic+ Dungeon Boost

Buy Mythic+ Keys for Season 4. Our highly adaptable package allows you to conquer any specific dungeon from the Season 4 selection, ensuring guaranteed timed runs to secure a higher-level key. With R1boost team, you’ll consistently find yourself among the elite M+ conquerors, staying ahead from the very beginning of the season.

Mythic plus dungeons boost rewards

  • Great Vault rewards of 506-522 ilvl depending on the difficulty for WoW M+ keys
  • Fast run in the chosen Mythic+ dungeon
  • Weekly Great Vault upgrade depending on the key level
  • Mythic+ rating increased (if you didn’t do this dungeon on chosen difficulty before)
  • Dungeon teleports for every +10 or higher key completed in time if you still don’t have them
  • An amount of Crest Fragments which type depends on Key level
  • An amount of Flightstones currency.
Keystone Level End of Dungeon Initial Upgrade Level Great Vault Initial Upgrade Level
2 496 Champion 2/8 509 Hero 2/6
3 499 Champion 3/8 509 Hero 2/6
4 499 Champion 3/8 512 Hero 3/6
5 502 Champion 4/8 512 Hero 3/6
6 502 Champion 4/8 515 Hero 4/6
7 506 Hero 1/6 515 Hero 4/6
8 506 Hero 1/6 519 Myth 1/4
9 509 Hero 2/6 519 Myth 1/4
10+ 509 Hero 2/6 522 Myth 2/4


  • Selfplay leveling Boost – buy WoW Dragonflight Leveling to get a character of the desired level Fast And Cheap. Our Wow Level boost is a great opportunity to prepare for the endgame several characters at one time!
  • WoW Awakened Heroic Boost- Chance to obtain items ranging from 506-515 ilvl.

Boost your Mythic key dungeon experience with our professional boosting services. Our skilled team is dedicated to helping players achieve the highest Mythic+ ratings and unlock the most challenging content in the game. With our Mythic Keystone Boost, you can skip the grind and have a team of experts carry you through the toughest Mythic+ dungeons. We offer a range of Mythic Keystone Boost options, from +2 to +20 keystones, so you can choose the level of challenge that’s right for you. Let us handle the difficult dungeons and keystones, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the rewards.

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