Terms and Conditions

Individual who places an order or request (hereinafter – the “Customer“) on the one hand, and administration
of the website r1boost.com (hereinafter – the „Contractor“) on the other hand, hereinafter collectively called
as – „the parties“, have entered into the contract on the following:
1. Subject of a contract
1.1 The subject of the contract are services that are provided by the Administration of the website and its
possible partners, r1boost.com, a full list of services, its features and prices is available on the above
mentioned website.
1.2 Before signing the Contract, the Customer agrees to read the full list of services and take action to obtain
services and payment under this contract based on his best interest and free will.
1.3 The Customer is aware that without accepting and agreeing to the contract, it would be impossible to
provide the desired service.
2. The rights and obligations of the parties
2.1 The Contractor undertakes:
2.1.1 To ensure continuity and quality of service delivery according to customer’s specified parameters and
2.1.2 To provide full services to the Customer in accordance with the specified information on the website
or the information that the parties agreed upon.
2.1.3 Do not change the pricing policy during the execution of the order, without approval of the Customer.
2.1.4 To maintain confidentiality of the Customer and his ingame character, ingame social circle and persona
2.1.5 To ensure the order and amount of refunds in accordance with this contract.
2.2. Contractor shall be entitled to:
2.2.1 Has the right to petition the courts to protect his rights under the legislation of the Russia.
2.2.2 Has the right to use the receiving data in the processing of orders, including IP address and the proposed
address of the Customer in case of an unauthorized, unilateral breach of contract by the Customer and in case
of the refusal by the Customer of a peaceful settlement to the conflict to protect his rights in the court.
2.3 The Customer undertakes:
2.3.1 To ensure the payment in full and on time for services rendered to him according to the tariff and
appropriate agreement.
2.3.2 Not to create situations hamper the execution of the order in full and on time.
2.3.3 To solve disputes in accordance with this contract if possible.
2.3.4 Give to Administration (operators) of the site r1boost.com all requested information – the customer’s
full name, the full name of the owner of the credit card which was used for the payment, the name of the
ingame character, the server, the state of ingame character up to the order (such as current gear, or simply
appropriate armory link), the name of desired order, a copy of payment transaction for the service or other.
2.3.5 The Customer understands and agrees with the fact that there is a small chance to get in game account
suspended due to reports of third parties or other reasons that are uncontrolled by Contractor; If it occured,
all the compensation will be done in accordance with the contract;
2.3.6 The Customer agrees that there may be done screenshots or video recordings made during performance
of the servise and those may be used as an evidence in case disputes occur in future.
2.4 The Customer is entitled to:
2.4.1 To supervise in person or by trustee the process of the order delivery, if possible.
2.4.2 Obtain all necessary information from the Administration (operators) of the site r1boost.com or its
partners (affiliates) about the order, its execution, payment procedures and possible disputes solve.
3. Settlement procedure
3.1 The entire range of services, prompt execution and pricing of services are displayed on the site. Additional
prices could be created based on custom orders after agreeing with the r1boost.com site administrators.
3.2 Prior to the payment the Customer must entirely accept this contract and understand its consequences and
3.3 Payment for services occurs exclusively through the site, in full and on time and in accordance with the
3.4 After payment the Customer shall provide the Administration (operators) of the website r1boost.com with
all requested information – the customer’s full name, the full name of the owner of the credit card which was
used for the payment, the name of the ingame character, the server, the state of character up to the order, the
name of desired order, a copy of payment transaction for the service.
4. Liability of the Parties
4.1. In case of a violation by one of the parties of the contract, the party shall be fully liable in accordance
with international law and Russian legislation.
4.2 In case of violation of the contract by the Contractor, the Customer shall be entitled to receive a refund,
according to the procedure specified in Section 7 of this Contract or to extend the lines of the order in
exchange for a bonus offer from the Contractor. (Unforeseen circumstances not taken into account when
calculating order performance periods)
4.3. In case of a breach of the Contract by the Customer, the money are not refundable.
4.4 In case of ignoring by the Customer the conditions and procedures for dispute resolution in accordance
with section 7 of this Contract, the Contractor in the law does not perform the requirements and use the data
provided by the Customer to confirm the authenticity of the person who paid for the service, and drafting a
response claim in the payment system where payment was made.
4.5 In case of a unilateral attempt to return the funds, these actions will be treated as fraud in accordance with
Criminal Code of the Russia and the Contractor has the right to provide IP and other personal information
about the Customer to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for further investigation.
5. Deadline of the contract
5.1. This Contract is valid from 01/01/2018 till 31/12/2024.
5.2. The deadline of the Contract does not relieve the parties from fulfilling its conditions after agreeing and
signing the contract in the period of validity.
5.3. Any changes to the Contract may be amended only by drawing the Supplementary Contract, where the
parties are to agree mutually, and individually.
6. Contingencies
6.1 In case of unforeseen circumstances: fire, natural disaster or other circumstances independent of the
Contractor, the deadline to perform the services extends by duration of such circumstances.
6.2 In case of unforeseen circumstances delay the process of the order on the period more than 20 working
days, the Customer has the right to recover his funds in accordance with section 7 of this Contract.
7. The procedure for resolving disputes
7.1 All disputes that arise during the execution of services, have a procedure of solution in accordance with
this contract, any attempt to violate this procedure shall be the responsibility in accordance with section 4 of
this Contract.
7.2 In case of a dispute the Customer is obliged to contact customer support, whose contacts can be found on
the website of the company, or through r1boost.com company operator who has provided the consultation
before making the payment.
7.3 The Customer must provide: the name of the operator who served him, a problem which occured, the
volume of orders that had been done, the date of the payment was made, the identity of the person who made
the payment, a copy of the payment transaction and the reason of refund request. There may be requested
additional information by the R1Boost company operator in accordance to the needs of the situation and the
contract, especially if the contract was custom made.
7.4 In the case the dispute does not settle down by negotiation of the parties within 5 working days since its
appearance, the Customer may apply to the arbitration system of payment system he used for payment of
services or apply to the judicial authorities of the Russia.
7.5 The Customer has the right to open a dispute within 30 days from the date of payment. Further dispute
requests will not be taken into consideration.
8. Compensations
8.1 The Customer has the right to know that information he provided during communication, such as: the
customer’s full name, full name of the owner of the credit card which was used for the payment, the name of
the ingame character, the server, the state of character up to the order, the name of desired order, a copy of
payment transaction for the service, as well as all the Skype, Discort, email and online chat correspondence
will be used for appealing in the case of filling documents for resolving the disputes in payment systems or
the judiciary.
8.2 In case of order was not done by Contractor’s fault, the Customer has right to get a 100% compensation
and no matter how much of the service was done.
8.3 If the service was completed and delivered as of 100% of its proposed value, any kind of compensation
is impossible.

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